Title Description
Anna Roug
Flying ducks From 1927 - 1931
Pictures sent from Anna and Søren in Austin  
The blue album  
Anna's brown album This album covers the years 1935 - 1960
Brown frames Album with brown frames around each picture (1927-1930)
Henning and Karens vacation San Francisco
Pictures from Annas drawer These are pictures which never found their way into a photo album
Stone dolmen 1964 - 1975
Pictures from the gymnastics  
Otto Hansen, Femø  
Portrait album  
Anna's red album The period from 1960 to 1974
Anna's Rolodex Anna had a rolodex which she used as a photo album. It always stood on top of the television
Anna's small brown album This album contains pictures of Henning, Karen and little Susie in the years 1961-1968
The small red album  
Otto acting in a show on Femø There was quite a lot of pictures taken from a event where Otto Frederik Hansen was i an amateur play on Femø. These pictures are collected in this album
Annas thick brown album From about 1910 to 1920
Anna's yellow album The years 1974 to 1978

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