Dynacalc box for Dragon 64


Dynacalc was originally created by Scott Schaeferle, Computer Systems Center, Chesterfield, USA. Dynacalc was ported to several operating systems including FLEX and Disk Extended Color Basic on the TRS-80 Color Computer.


Dynacalc loads a configuration file called dynacalc.trm into memory at startup. This file contains the control sequences for the terminal. For the Dragon 64 edition, the install.dc did not allow the user to change the sequences, but it is possible to patch the file. I have created a configuration file called vt100.trm for those, who want to use Dynacalc through an 80x24 ANSI terminal. This was fairly trivial as the work had already been done and the terminal driver was embedded in the Dragon dynacalc application. However: The cursor keys on an ANSI terminal sends three character sequences beginning with an Escape ($1B). Dynacalc can only handle one character sent by any key. The vt100.trm therefore maps left to '[', right to ']', up to '{' and down to '}'. The other key definitions are unchanged. Pressing the cursor key will most likely modify a cell.

To make it work with an ANSI terminal, download the vt100.trm file, rename it to dynacalc.trm and place it in your working directory or the execution directory.

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