RMS Record Management System

RMS is a complete DATABASE MANAGEMENT system for the 6809 computer. It runs under Flex, and supports the CT-82, or other CRT terminal. RMS is a set of five machine language programs that make up the most powerful business programming tool available for the 6809. It can be used by the relative novice, to implement an incredible variety of information storage and retrieval applications, without any programming. However, the programmer can use RMS as part of the solution to a larger problem, saving many hours of unnecessary program development time. RMS can be used to handle data input, editing, validation, on-line retrieval sorting and printed reports. Custom data manipulation can be filled in by the user's BASIC programs.

The creator of RMS was Washington Computer Services, 3028 Silvern Lane, Bellingham, WA 98226. RMS originally ran under FLEX and was also ported to OS-9 and the IBM PC.

RMS on Dragon 64

The complete RMS package was sold, except the appendix describing how to configure the application for another terminal was removed from the manual. Instead, the user was told to put the file rms.trm in the execution directory.


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