Basic Computer Games
Book cover
101 Great Games To Play On Your Home Computer. By yourself or with others. Each complete with program listing and sample run. Edited by David H. Ahl.

101 BASIC Computer Games

The book 101 BASIC Computer Games or just BASIC Computer Games was a hugely influential book when it was published in 1978. It sold in more than a million copies. The has scanned the book and made the pages available on the web. The sources can be found in many locations, for instance at Vintage BASIC.

You can also find the games on GitHub. Some people have even translated them to other programming languages.

Creative Computing published a sequel a year later called More BASIC Computer Games.

Virtual disks

Having text files with the source code is not of much value if you still have to type them into your old home computer. I have therefore made the games available on virtual disks starting with the most popular - Commodore 64.

The games are designed for teletypewriters and no effort has been made to make them fit a screen.