More Basic Computer Games
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84 Challenging New Games To Play On Your Personal Computer. All in BASIC and complete with program listing and sample run. Edited by David H. Ahl.

More BASIC Computer Games

This book was a sequel to BASIC Computer Games. The games were converted from other BASIC dialects, such as Dartmouth BASIC and tested to work on the most common BASIC dialect at the time - Microsoft BASIC. Dartmouth BASIC did not have the 'ELSE' keyword. Hence the abundance of GOTOs.

All games have been tested with Vintage BASIC or cbmbasic. On the same website you can also find the games from the first book.

You can download all the games as a Zip archive.

Artillery 3 (artillery3.bas)
War game for two or three players. Changes: The purpose of lines 70 to 100 is to initialize the arrays to zero. This is something that Microsoft BASIC does automatically and the lines would produce syntax errors if kept.
Page 2 at Atari Archives
Baccarat (baccarat.bas)
Card game
Page 4 at Atari Archives
Bible Quiz (biblequiz.bas)
Test your knowledge on the Bible
Page 6 at Atari Archives
Big 6 (big6.bas)
A dice wheel game in which you can bet on up to three dices
Page 7 at Atari Archives
Binary (binary.bas)
Test your skills in binary-to-decimal and decimal-to-binary conversion
Page 9 at Atari Archives
Blackbox (blackbox.bas)
Discover the positions of atoms by projecting rays. Changes: Added a DIM statement in line 50
Page 10 at Atari Archives
Bobstones (bobstones.bas)
Guess three things about the roll of a pair of dice. Corrections: PRINT statement was missing in line 430
Page 12 at Atari Archives
Bocce (bocce.bas)
Roll 4 balls and get them as close to the target as possible
Page 14 at Atari Archives
Boga II (boga2.bas)
Find the boga before it finds you
Page 16 at Atari Archives
Bombrun (bombrun.bas)
Simulation of an aircraft dropping a bomb on a very small target (This was before laser-guided bombs). Note: Several misspellings corrected.
Page 18 at Atari Archives
Bridge-It (bridge-it.bas)
Connect the board from left to right while the computer connects from top to bottom. Bugs: Line 2900 contains a GOTO to a non-existent line.
Page 21 at Atari Archives
Camel (camel.bas)
Cross the Gobi desert by camel
Page 24 at Atari Archives
Chase (chase.bas)
Avoid the interceptor robots.
Page 26 at Atari Archives
Chuck-A-Luck (chuck-a-luck.bas)
Bet on the rolls of three dice
Page 29 at Atari Archives
Close Encounters (close-encounters.bas)
Shoot down a UFO headed for you or hope it misses.
Page 30 at Atari Archives
Column (column.bas)
The computer will guess your card
Page 32 at Atari Archives
Concentration (concentration.bas)
Test your memory and observation by selecting matching pairs in a deck of cards. The game shows you the face-up values for a brief moment, then writes over the text. On current equipment this goes so fast you don't have a chance.
Page 34 at Atari Archives
Condot (condot.bas)
Carve out squares of real estate by connecting the dots.
Page 36 at Atari Archives
Convoy (convoy.bas)
Naval war games played on a 10 by 10 grid.
Page 38 at Atari Archives
Corral (corral.bas)
Catch your horse in the corral.
Page 40 at Atari Archives
Countdown (countdown.bas)
Find a number between 0 and 10 in less than 4 guesses
Page 42 at Atari Archives
Cup (cup.bas)
Hit a cup with a ball by estimating the horizontal force to give
Page 43 at Atari Archives
Dealer x 5 (dealerx5.bas)
A simulation of the T.V. show, Dealer's choice
Page 44 at Atari Archives
Deepspace (deepspace.bas)
Tactical simulation of ship to ship combat in deep space.
Page 46 at Atari Archives
Defuse (defuse.bas)
Locate a bomb in 20 trys
Page 48 at Atari Archives
Dodgem (dodgem.bas)
Move all of your pieces across and off the board while your opponent does the same.
Page 49 at Atari Archives
Doors (doors.bas)
Guess which key fits in which door
Page 52 at Atari Archives
Dr. Z (dr-z.bas)
Interact with your computer in Rogerian form
Page 55 at Atari Archives
Drag (drag.bas)
Race a dragster against a dragster designed by another player or the computer.
Page 53 at Atari Archives
Eliza (eliza.bas)
A computer program designed to simulate a therapist or psychoanalyst.
Page 56 at Atari Archives
Father (father.bas)
Convince you father to go out Saturday night
Page 59 at Atari Archives
Flip (flip.bas)
Guess if the computer is thinking of 'N' or 'Y'. The computer will try to outsmart you.
Page 61 at Atari Archives
Four In A Row (fourinarow.bas)
Get four X's in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally
Page 63 at Atari Archives
Geowar (geowar.bas)
Shoot down enemy by angling your missile. Corrections: Typo in line 30.
Page 64 at Atari Archives
Grand Prix (grnprx.bas)
Complete a lap around a grand prix curcuit.
Page 66 at Atari Archives
Guess-It (guess-it.bas)
Guess an unknown number called the 'down number'.
Page 69 at Atari Archives
ICBM (icbm.bas)
Intercept an incoming ballistic missile with a surface-to-air missile
Page 72 at Atari Archives
Inkblot (inkblot.bas)
INKBLOT is a program that produces "inkblots" similar to those used in the famous Rorschach Inkblot tests. The program generates these inkblots randomly so that literally millions of different patterns can be produced.
Page 73 at Atari Archives
Joust (joust.bas)
You are a medieval knight in a jousting tournament.
Page 75 at Atari Archives
Jumping Balls (jumpingballs.bas)
Reverse the position of the balls. A ball can be moved one position or jump over another ball.
Page 77 at Atari Archives
Keno (keno.bas)
Select 8 numbers and get a payoff if the computer selects the same numbers.
Page 78 at Atari Archives
L Game (l-game.bas)
Play against the computer to prevent it from moving its L.
Page 80 at Atari Archives
Life Expectancy (life-expectancy.bas)
Make the computer estimate how long you will live based on your life-style and environment. Fixes: Typo in line 810.
Page 84 at Atari Archives
Lissajous (lissajous.bas)
Generate Lissajous patterns
Page 88 at Atari Archives
Magic Square (magic-square.bas)
Fill in numbers so the sum diagonally, vertically and horizontally is 15
Page 90 at Atari Archives
Man-Eating Rabbit (man-eating-rabbit.bas)
Avoid the rabbit for 10 moves and you're released
Page 92 at Atari Archives
Maneuvers (maneuvers.bas)
Deliver a message to four starbases. Steer by controlling the orientation of your ship.
Page 95 at Atari Archives
Masterbagels (masterbagels.bas)
A game that can play both Mastermind and Bagels
Page 98 at Atari Archives
Mastermind (mastermind.bas)
Guess a combination of six colors. The same color can be used more than once.
Page 96 at Atari Archives
Matpuzzle (matpuzzle.bas)
Fill letters into a matrix
Page 99 at Atari Archives
Maze (maze.bas)
Make the computer construct a maze and then find the way through
Page 101 at Atari Archives
Millionaire (millionaire.bas)
Make life decisions to become a millionaire
Page 104 at Atari Archives
Minotaur (minotaur.bas)
Hunt and kill the minotaur in a cave.
Page 107 at Atari Archives
Motorcycle Jump (motorcyclejump.bas)
Calculate speed and angle to jump over buses.
Page 111 at Atari Archives
Nomad (nomad.bas)
Navigate your way through the streets of Garbonzo City to Gramma's house.
Page 112 at Atari Archives
Not One (notone.bas)
Roll a pair of dice to score points. If the sum of the eyes is the same as your first roll, then you loose the turn.
Page 115 at Atari Archives
Obstacle (obstacle.bas)
Move your car and navigate through the obstacles.
Octrix (octrix.bas)
Play the highest or lowest available card against your opponents. Corrections: Typo in line 1620. Note: This game assumes output is a printer.
Page 119 at Atari Archives
Pasart (pasart.bas)
Generate artistic patterns based on Pascal's triangle
Page 122 at Atari Archives
Pasart 2 (pasart2.bas)
Generate artistic patterns based on Pascal's triangle plus a calendar. Note: In line 2640 and various other places the counter goes beyond the dimensions of the P array. Typos in lines 1810 and 3030 have been corrected.
Page 125 at Atari Archives
Pinball (pinball.bas)
Play the game of pinball by calculating which flipper to flip. Note: Line 2020 contains a syntax error that has been corrected.
Page 128 at Atari Archives
Rabbit Chase (rabbit-chase.bas)
Catch a rabbit by entering the direction to walk in.
Page 132 at Atari Archives
Roadrace (roadrace.bas)
Drive 5 miles in a roadrace with 0.5 gallons of gas: Corrections: Exclamation points removed in lines 980 and 1050.
Page 133 at Atari Archives
Rotate (rotate.bas)
Put the letters in alphabetical order. Corrections: B$ changed to B$(I) in line 90
Page 135 at Atari Archives
Safe (safe.bas)
Try to open a safe by turning or twisting a dial.
Page 137 at Atari Archives
Scales (scales.bas)
Test your knowledge of different types of music scales.
Page 139 at Atari Archives
Schmoo (schmoo.bas)
Splat imaginary creatures with mud balls.
Page 141 at Atari Archives
Seabattle (seabattle.bas)
Destroy the enemy ships with your submarine. Note: Line 5136 assumes that the output device is a printer that can do multiple strikeovers
Page 143 at Atari Archives
Seawar (seawar.bas)
Compute the angle of elevation for your guns and destroy the enemy.
Page 150 at Atari Archives
Shoot (shoot.bas)
Nuke the enemy before he nukes you.
Page 153 at Atari Archives
Smash (smash.bas)
A simulation of a car race.
Page 156 at Atari Archives
Strike 9 (strike9.bas)
Remove numbers so the sum match the dice
Page 158 at Atari Archives
TV Plot (tvplot.bas)
Devise plots for television shows. Changes: GOTO statements in lines 450 and 460.
Page 163 at Atari Archives
Tennis (tennis.bas)
Play tennis against the computer
Page 160 at Atari Archives
Tickertape (tickertapecrt.bas)
Write a text on tickertape. Changes: The original program assumes the output device is a paper tape punch. Changes have been made to run on a screen.
Page 162 at Atari Archives
Two-to-Ten (two-to-ten.bas)
Get as close to the goal number without going over.
Page 167 at Atari Archives
Twonky (twonky.bas)
Get to the objective before the twonky gets to you.
Page 164 at Atari Archives
UFO (ufo.bas)
Destroy the enemy UFO before it destroys you. Corrections: Action statement missing on line 885. "P" missing on line 970. Line 1050 was missing ")"
Page 168 at Atari Archives
Under & Over (under-or-over.bas)
Bet on the sum of two dice to be under or over 7.
Page 170 at Atari Archives
Van Gam (vangam.bas)
The one who takes away the last match wins.
Page 172 at Atari Archives
Warfish (warfish.bas)
You are the commander of an American submarine.
Page 174 at Atari Archives
Word Search Puzzle (word-search-puzzle.bas)
Generate word search puzzles containing the words of your choice.
Page 176 at Atari Archives
Wumpus 1 (wumpus.bas)
Hunt a wumpus in a squashed dodecahedron
Page 178 at Atari Archives
Wumpus 2 (wumpus2.bas)
The game of wumpus with a choice of caves. Changes: Fixed typos in lines 2630 and 2700
Page 181 at Atari Archives