BASIC09 is a structured BASIC programming language dialect developed by Microware and Motorola for the then-new Motorola 6809 CPU and released in 1980.

Examples of programs

Installation media

Basic09 (OS-9) (Dragon Data) - 40 tracks, 18 sectors
Contains: edit, build, BASIC09, dir, del, runb, EXAMPLE1, GFX, INKEY, LIST, FREE in the CMDS directory and OS9DEFS, RBFDEFS, SCFDEFS in the DEFS directory. The BASIC09 floppy disks distributed by Dragon Data had a corrupt RunB file. Fortunately the same file was also present on the OS-9 system disk. The disk has been repaired in this download.
Basic09 01.00.00 (OS-9) (Tandy) - 35 tracks, 18 sectors
Contains BASIC09, RUNB, INKEY and GFX


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