Microsoft COBOL products

Cobol is a high level language designed for use in business that uses English-like commands. Microsoft got its early start by producing language products such as this one.

Microsoft produced a COBOL compiler for CP/M. This product was also licensed to IBM as IBM Cobol Compiler.

Installing COBOL 3.0
Installing COBOL-80 4.65
Microsoft COBOL manual for version 4.65
Microsoft COBOL-80 from 1978

Example COBOL programs

Other files (COBOL-80 (CP/M) version 4.65)
squaro.cob (Calculation of square root)
checkers.cbl (Checkers from BASIC Computer Games translated to MS COBOL 3.0)
checkers.cob (Checkers from BASIC Computer Games translated to MS COBOL-80 v. 4.65) (MicroSoft COBOL-86 (ZDOS) Ver. 1.07) (Microsoft COBOL Optimizing Compiler Version 3.0 for MS OS/2 and MS-DOS)
tictac.cbl (Tic Tac Toe for COBOL 3.0 (converted to UTF-8))