Motorola EXORciser

The EXORciser was a development system for Motorola's 6800/6809 CPUs. It seems to have been using 8" floppy disks. OS-9 is booted from a floppy disk that loads OS9 and OS9p2 into memory and then calls Boot to load the rest from another floppy disk.

The following disk images have been found on Bitsavers and converted to raw disk format.

Boot disk for OS-9 Level I version 1.1 (disk21.dsk) (256,256 bytes)
OS-9 V1.1 for EXORciser - backup of disk 16 (disk20.dsk) (315,392 bytes)
OS-9 V1.1 for EXORciser with Pascal compiler (disk16.dsk) (315,392 bytes)