South West Technical Products

South West Technical Products Corp (SWTPC) was an electronics design and manufacturing firm that created the SWTPC 6800 computer and later the SWTPC 6809. The computers ran both FLEX, OS-9 and UNIFLEX. The kernels and device drivers are available in the Evenson Consulting Services SWTPC 6800/6809 Emulator.

Most of the OS-9 utilities on the embedded disk images come from the Color Computer distribution. The kernel, bootstrap code and device drivers can be created from the OS-9 Source code package, however.


Microware's source code distribution contained the kernel and device drivers for OS9 Level I on the SWTPC 6809.

Boot module for DC3 floppy disk drive (DC3_boot.bin) (426 bytes)
Device descriptors D0-D3 for DC3 (DC3_desc.bin) (176 bytes)
Device driver for DC3 (DC3_drvr.bin) (858 bytes)
Device driver for Percom FD2 (FD2_ed0.bin) (884 bytes)
OS9 boot rom - level 1 v. 1.2 (OS9p1.bin) (2,048 bytes)
OS9p2 and Init - level 1 v. 1.2 (OS9p2.bin) (1,322 bytes)

Floppy disk format

The DC-3 format is dual-sided, 35 tracks, 10 sectors per track.

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