Boot screen
OS-9 booting on a Dragon 64

OS-9 Level I for Dragon 64

Assembler/Editor/Debugger for Dragon 64 with Y2k updates (184,345 bytes)
Contains asm, debug, edit and the defs-files.
OS-9 Boot disk for Dragon 64 (80-track disks) (737,309 bytes)
OS-9 for Dragon 64 with a modified DDisk module and format utility to allow 80-track double-sided disks. Changes to the utilities date, dir, free, login, setime, basic09 and runb to handle year 2000. Also contains the assembler, C-compiler and Stylograph.
OS-9 Boot disk for Dragon 64 (original - asm, edit, debug recovered) (184,356 bytes)
Inspection of the floppy disk revealed that the utilities 'asm','edit' and 'debug' were transferred to the disk during production and then deleted. They were however fully recoverable.
OS-9 Boot disk for Dragon 64 (original) (184,346 bytes)
The original OS-9 system disk sold by Dragon Data. Format 5.25" floppy disk, single-side, 40 tracks. The 'DDisk' module and 'format' command were not able to handle double-sided disks.
OS-9 Editor/Assembler/Debugger Manual (379,888 bytes)
OS-9 System Programmer's Manual (560,080 bytes)
OS-9 User Guide (431,708 bytes)
For Use with OS-9 Level One and OS-9 Level Two
Y2K updates for OS-9 level I (184,347 bytes)
Updates to fix year 2000 in OS-9 Level 1 for Dragon 64 computer. This disk contains changes to the utilities Date, Dir, Free, Login, Setime, Basic09 and Runb. It was the intention to provide the same user experience as in 1980. Therefore most utilities will still display a two-digit year except 'date', which shows the full four digits. Setime in particular still expects a two-digit year and will then adjust to the twenty-first century unless no date is entered. The sources are provided for your own assembly.

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