6809 Emulation

OSNine in Java

The OS-9 OS emulator is now available in Java. It also has a generic 6809 emulator, which can be configured to run various pieces of software.

Go to osnine-java on GitHub to see more.

OSNine in C++

OS9L1 is an OS9 level One emulator (for Motorola 6809) that runs under 32-bit UNIX/Linux. It is almost full-featured, and can emulate fork, signals, pipes etc. All without needing the OS9 kernel from Microware.

The emulator is built on Ray Bellis' Usim emulator, and also fixes some bugs in same.

Installation for version 1.2

Down the source archie and unpack it. Then do:


To run the unit tests, do a make check

How far have I come?

Most "simple" applications work - including shell, asm and basic09. Pascal-compilation to P-code works. But the P-code interpreter loads an extra module and os9l1 doesn't handle that, so execution of your P-code is not available. Then you could compile to native code, but the native code compiler is in P-code itself, so ... In addition, the C.PREP complains about "grab overlap" when it sees the statement #include <stdio.h>. I have not found the cause of that.